In addition to the natural resources of the community, more than the typical facilities should be provided to attract and hold the tourist, to encourage retired families to permanently reside in the city and to provide suitable recreational and educational facilities for the low income residents of the city.
   (A)   In Planning Units 9 and 10, four parks designated to accommodate children (age groups one to ten and ten to 15) and adults of the neighborhood and to provide tourist boating and bathing facilities;
   (B)   In Planning Unit 8, tourist attractions should be provided with the relocation of the City Hall but retention of the Fire Department to serve the area.
   (C)   Parks are designated in Planning Units 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 19.
   (D)   In Planning Units 16 and 17, a city golf course and central park playground are designated and will also serve as a buffer between industrial and residential use. Also, because of its future central location, Planning Unit 17 should serve as a community center area.
   (E)   Schools, airport and cemeteries are located with due regard to existing conditions and future adjacent land use.
   (F)   Urban renewal activities should be carried out in the area as outlined, and future low-income public housing should be located adjacent to existing housing project area.
(Ord. 218, passed 6-13-1960)