§ 155.04  SUCCESS.
   The success of the plan is dependent upon:
   (A)   Participation by the citizen:
      (1)   His or her understanding of the plan, its objectives, its problems;
      (2)   His or her continued support and suggestions; and
      (3)   His or her active interest in obtaining a better city in which to live and rear his or her children and to provide a healthy climate for private enterprise to exist.
   (B)   Participation by the governing body of the city through:
      (1)   Enforcement of fair and equitable codes and ordinances;
      (2)   Rapid and just review of objections and violations of the plan; and
      (3)   Continued long range view to the city’s growth in regard to the promotion of the free citizen-private enterprise outlook.
   (C)   Participation of independent allied agencies such as the School Board, Water District, Navigation District, and so forth, by means of:
      (1)   Support of the plan; and
      (2)   Close coordination of their programs with those of the city.
(Ord. 218, passed 6-13-1960)