§ 155.01  PURPOSE.
   (A)   The Master Plan has been developed over the past two-year period by the City Planning Commission for adoption by the City Commission to serve as a guide to normal growth and to utilize to the utmost all the assets of the community and the area.
   (B)   The purpose of the plan is:
      (1)   To stabilize, improve and enhance all land and its value in and around the city and promote and recapture industrial, commercial and residential development within protected boundaries;
      (2)   To encourage investment and sound speculation in the natural resources of the community and the area;
      (3)   To establish adequate recreational and safe areas for our children, adults and tourists, and to provide safe access ways for children traveling to and from school;
      (4)   To provide normal and complete educational and civic facilities for our residents;
      (5)   To alleviate traffic congestion by virtue of logical separation and control of through and local traffic;
      (6)   To guide the city in its expenditures of tax funds through planned expansion, services and facilities and thereby reduce unwarranted or ill-advised improvement costs and avoid an undue tax load.
(Ord. 218, passed 6-13-1960)