It shall be the duty of the owner, his or her agent, representative or manager, to prescribe rules and regulations for the management of the park; to make adequate provisions for the enforcement of the rules; and to subscribe to any and all subsequent rules and regulations which may be adopted for the management of the park. Copies of all rules and regulations shall be furnished to the City Commission. In addition thereto, it shall be the duty of the owner, his or her agent, representative or management to comply strictly with the following:
   (A)   Provide for regular inspection of the water and sanitary conveniences;
   (B)   Provide for the collection and removal of garbage and other waste materials;
   (C)   Prohibit the placing or storage of unsightly material or vehicles of any kind; and
   (D)   The installation, ownership, control, maintenance and operation of single mobile home spaces, driveway, designated recreation area or areas (if any) and all utility facilities, including garbage collection and disposal shall be solely that of the owner, subdivider and/or operator, subject to the general regulatory ordinances of the city applicable to the type of private property. The ownership of public alleys and utility easements (if any) and the ownership, maintenance and operation of the public utilities located thereon, shall be that of the city and/or duly franchised utility agencies; provided, that the cost of installation of the water, sewerage and drainage facilities therein shall be shared by the owner, subdivider as follows: that portion or portions of the utility facilities, if any, to be installed in alleys or utility easements, if any, necessary to service and accommodate the mobile home facility shall be borne by the owner/subdivider; and that portion or portions thereof, if any, in excess of the size required for the subdivision shall be borne by the owner the determination of the necessity of the excess utility facilities to be solely that of city. In fulfilling garbage and trash collection and disposal responsibilities within the mobile home facility, the owner, subdivider or operator thereof shall arrange, provide and be responsible for accumulation and depositing of the garbage and trash at a point or points within the outer boundaries of the mobile home facility the point or points to be within the service area so the city will have easy access to collection.
(Ord. 529, passed 4-9-1991)