Wrecker companies conducting rotation or private towing services shall charge no more than the rates set herein as a condition of operation within the city:
   (A)   Standard rotation tows (consent and non-consent): $200.
   (B)   Standard consent tows: $200.
   (C)   Standard private property tows: $200.
   (D)   Use of dollies, winches, jacks and other equipment: $30 in addition to towing fee.
   (E)   Recovery of vehicles in water which is greater than 12 inches in depth, or which is tidally- influenced: $450, plus $300 for all or part of each additional hour beyond one hour. In the event divers are needed to retrieve the vehicle, an amount equal to 130% of the diver’s fee, in addition to the cost of recovery.
   (F)   Standard recovery of vehicles from sand: $250.
   (G)   Waiting time, beyond one hour of arrival on scene: $50 for all or part of each 15 minute interval.
   (H)   Consent towing to locations outside of the corporate limits or extra-territorial jurisdiction of the city: $2 per mile, beginning at the limit of the city’s extra-territorial jurisdiction, in addition to the standard towing fee.
   (I)   Drop fee, to be charged when a tow is abandoned at the request of the vehicle owner following the connection of the towing equipment to the vehicle: $125.
   (J)   Incident management fee (cleaning of debris, automotive fluids and other matter generated by collisions from the roadway; does not include hazardous materials): $50 for all or part of each hour. In the event hazardous materials remediation is required, and amount equal to 130% of the hazardous materials remediation company, in addition to the cost of incident management.
   (K)   Recovery of vehicles greater than three tons gross vehicle weight rating, an additional $150 for all or part of each hour.
   (L)   Upon petition of a towing operator licensed under this section, or its own motion, the city shall examine the prevailing fees for wrecker services, and issue revisions to the maximum fees set forth herein.
(Ord. 448, passed 6-11-1985; Ord. 448-A, passed 3-1-2017; Ord. 634-A, passed 12-15-2020)