Any person desiring to operate a food service establishment or retail food store within the city shall make a written application for the permit on forms to be provided by the City Health Department. The application shall, at a minimum, include the following information:
   (A)   The applicant's full name, office address and telephone number, including the address and telephone number of the home office, if any, and whether the applicant is an individual, partnership, corporation or other entity; and, if other than an individual, sufficient information to fully identify the ownership of the applicant;
   (B)   The location and type of food service establishment or retail food store;
   (C)   If the application is for a temporary food service establishment, it shall include the inclusive dates of the proposed operation of the establishment;
   (D)   A copy of the applicant's sales tax permit showing its tax location in the city;
   (E)   A statement by the applicant that he or she is not delinquent upon any account owed to the city or otherwise indebted to city, the accounts and indebtedness including, but not limited to, unpaid taxes, garbage collection fees, assessments, fines, and permit and license fees; and
   (F)   The signature of the applicant or applicants.
(Ord. 590, passed 2-9-1999)