(a)   The application for a Garage Sale permit shall contain the name of the applicant, who shall be a resident of the City, the applicant's address and telephone number, the address where the sale is to be conducted, the dates on which the sale will be conducted and the hours and duration of the garage sale.
   (b)   An application for a Garage Sale permit shall be submitted to the Safety Service Director, or his/her designee. No fee will be charged for the issuance of the permit. Only three Garage Sale permits shall be issued for a single address in any 12-month period, and shall be valid for not more than three consecutive days. The permit must be displayed on the premises during the Garage Sale.
   (c)   The Safety Service Director may refuse a permit for any Garage Sale which would be detrimental to the residential nature of the neighborhood, it being the intention of this section, to restrict Garage Sales to casual sales of reasonably limited amounts of tangible personal property.
   (d)   Application for a Garage Sale permit shall be made at least seven days in advance of the sale, and no sales shall commence before the hour of 8:00 a.m. or extend later than 5:00 p.m.
   (e)   During the Garage Sale, no permit holder shall fail to exhibit the permit certificate upon request to any City Police Officer.
(Ord. 21-14. Passed 11-18-14.)