(a)   The Director may suspend or revoke the permit of any permittee if the permittee or his agent fails to abide by the provisions of these Codified Ordinances or State law, or if any required health license has been suspended or revoked.
   (b)   The Director shall give written notice of suspension or revocation of the permit to the permittee or his agent stating the reasons therefor. If the reason for the suspension or revocation is that a required health license has been suspended or revoked or that the permittee does not currently have an effective insurance policy as required by Section 727.03(j), the action shall be effective upon giving such notice to the permittee or to his agent. otherwise, such notice shall contain the further provision that the action shall become final and effective ten (10) days thereafter unless, within five (5) days of receipt of notice, the permittee requests a hearing before the Director. The Director shall forthwith hold the requested hearing, at which time the permittee shall be afforded the opportunity to give his version of the facts which gave rise to the Director's action. After the hearing, the Director shall determine whether to proceed with the action or to rescind it.
   (c)   The action of the Director may be appealed to the Board of Zoning Appeals.
(Ord. 8-21. Passed 4-13-21.)