727.06 PERMITS.
   (a)   Permits shall be issued in such a manner that they are distinguishable from liquor permits issued by the State of Ohio and shall be posted in a conspicuous location in a window or other readily visible location of the frontage of the applicant's business establishment. The permit shall be protected from the weather as necessary and shall be clearly visible from the public sidewalk, alley or street, and not obstructed by awnings, landscaping or other impediments.
   (b)   Each permit shall contain the following information:
      (1)    The name and address of the permittee;
      (2)    A description of the permitted location;
      (3)    A description of the tables, chairs and other structures;
      (4)   A statement indicating whether the permittee is authorized by the State of Ohio to serve alcohol in the outdoor restaurant;
      (5)    The expiration date of the permit; and
      (6)    Any other information the Director deems desirable.
         (Ord. 8-21. Passed 4-13-21.)