No Street or Sidewalk Vendor shall:
      (a)   Sell food or beverages for immediate consumption unless he has available for public use his own or a public litter receptacle which is available for his patrons use.
        (b)   Leave any location without first picking up, removing and disposing of all trash or refuse remaining from sales made by him.
      (c)   Solicit or conduct business with persons in motor vehicles.
      (d)   Sell anything other than that which he is licensed to vend.
      (e)   Set up, maintain or permit the use of any table, crate, carton, rack or any other device to increase the selling or display capacity of his stand or motor vehicle where such items have not been described in his application.
    (f)   Vend without the insurance coverage specified in Section 719.05.
      (g)   No Street Vendor vending from a motor vehicle, vehicle, pushcart, wagon or any wheeled vehicle shall:
      (1)   Operate a vehicle at a speed more than fifteen miles per hour or more when cruising neighborhoods or attempting to make a sale.
      (2)   Make a "U" turn on any street.
      (3)   Operate his vehicle backwards in making or attempting to make a sale.
      (4)   Double park or park in any manner contrary to any ordinance about parking when attempting to make a sale.
      (5)   Stop and park his vehicle in a stationary position for a period longer than necessary to make a sale after having been approached or stopped for that purpose.
      (6)   Permit any person except an employee of the licensee to ride in or on the vehicle.
      (7)   Refuse to remove this vehicle from any public street or sidewalk in the City upon the request of a police officer, during periods of congested traffic, accident or public emergency.
      (8)   Make or attempt to make a sale within twenty-five feet of any intersection.
      (9)   Make or attempt to make a sale to any person standing in a street of the City.
   (h)   Use a noise producing device on a motor vehicle or stand when it is not in motion.
   (i)   Dump anything into the City's storm sewers.
   (j)   Connect their motor vehicle, trailer, stand, table, showcase, bench, rack, pushcart, wagon, or any other wheeled device to City utilities
      (Ord. 9-21. Passed 4-13-21.)