A.   Effect: Any and all additions and amendments to this Code, when passed in such form as to indicate the intention of the Board of Commissioners to make the same a part hereof, shall be deemed to be incorporated in this Code so that reference to the "city code of the City of Ponca City, Oklahoma", shall be understood and intended to include such additions and amendments. (1980 Code § 2-35; amd. 2003 Code)
   B.   Manner: All ordinances passed subsequent to the adoption of this Code which amend, repeal or in any way affect this Code may be numbered in accordance with the numbering system of this Code and printed for inclusion herein, or in the case of repealed chapters, sections and subsections or any part thereof, by subsequent ordinances, such repealed portions may be excluded from this Code by omission from reprinted pages affected thereby, and the subsequent ordinances as numbered and printed or omitted, in the case of repeal, shall be prima facie evidence of such subsequent ordinances until such time that this Code and subsequent ordinances numbered or omitted are readopted as a new Code of ordinances by the Board of Commissioners. (1980 Code § 2-36)
   C.   Language: Amendments to any of the provisions of this Code should be made by amending such provisions by specific reference to the section of this Code in substantially the following language: "That section         of the city code of Ponca City, Oklahoma, is hereby amended to read as follows: ...". The new provisions shall then be set out in full as desired. (1980 Code § 2-37; amd. 2003 Code)
   D.   New material:
      1.   In the event a new section not heretofore existing in the code is to be added, the following language may be used: "That the city code of Ponca City, Oklahoma, is hereby amended by adding a section (or chapter, article or other designation as the case may be), to be numbered         , which reads as follows: ...". The new provisions shall then be set out in full as desired.
      2.   In lieu of subsection D1 of this section, when the board of commissioners desires to enact an ordinance of a general and permanent nature embracing a subject not previously existing in the code, which the board of commissioners desires to incorporate into the code, a provision in substantially the following language may be made part of such ordinance: "It is the intention of the board of commissioners, and it is hereby ordained, that the provisions of this ordinance shall become and be made part of the city code of Ponca City, Oklahoma, and the sections of this ordinance may be renumbered to accomplish such intention". (1980 Code § 2-38; amd. 2003 Code)
   E.   Repeal: All sections, chapters, articles or other provisions of this code desired to be repealed should be specifically repealed by section number, chapter, article number, or other number, as the case may be. (1980 Code § 2-39)
   F.   Subject To General Penalty: In case of the amendment by the board of commissioners of any section of this code for which a penalty is not provided, the general penalty as provided in section 1-4-1 of this title shall apply to the section as amended; or in case such amendment contains provisions for which a penalty, other than the aforementioned general penalty, is provided in another section in the same chapter, the penalty so provided in such other section shall be held to relate to the section so amended, unless such penalty is specifically repealed therein. (1980 Code § 2-40)
   G.   Supplementation Of Code:
      1.   By contract or by city personnel, supplements to this code shall be prepared and printed whenever authorized or directed by the board of commissioners. A supplement to the code shall include all substantive permanent and general parts of ordinances passed by the board of commissioners or adopted by initiative and referendum during the period covered by the supplement and all changes made thereby in the code. The pages of a supplement shall be so identified that they will fit properly into the code and will, where necessary, replace pages which have become obsolete or partially obsolete, and the new pages shall be so prepared that, when they have been inserted, the code will be current through the date of the adoption of the latest ordinance included in the supplement.
      2.   In preparing a supplement to this code, all portions of the code which have been repealed shall be excluded from the code by the omission thereof from reprinted pages.
      3.   When preparing a supplement to this code, the codifier (meaning the person, agency or organization authorized to prepare the supplement) may make formal, nonsubstantive changes in ordinances and parts of ordinances included in the supplement, insofar as it is necessary to do so to embody them into a unified code. For example, the codifier may:
         a.   Organize the ordinance material into appropriate subsections;
         b.   Provide appropriate catchlines, headings and titles for sections and other subsections of the code printed in the supplement, and make changes in such catchlines, headings and titles;
         c.   Assign appropriate numbers to sections and other subsections to be inserted in the code and, where necessary to accommodate new material, change existing section or other subsection numbers;
         d.   Change the words "this ordinance" or words of the same meaning to "this chapter", or "this article", as the case may be, or to "sections     to     " (inserting section numbers to indicate the sections of the code which embody the substantive sections of the ordinance incorporated into the code); and
         e.   Make other nonsubstantive changes necessary to preserve the original meaning of ordinance sections inserted into the code; but, in no case shall the codifier make any change in the meaning or effect of ordinance material included in the supplement or already embodied in the code. (1980 Code § 2-41; amd. 2003 Code)