A.   Numbering System Explained: For the purposes of internal references in this Code and citation by its users, each section of the legislation included in this Code has been assigned a number that indicates the title in which the legislation is included, the chapter or article as the case may be in which it is found and the location of the section within that chapter or article, as follows:
Example: 5-1A-2
  First number ( 5-1A-2)
Title of Code
  Second number (5-1A-2)
Chapter of title
  Letter (5-1A-2)
Article of chapter
  Third number (5-1A-2)
Section of chapter and/or article
   B.   Referencing Code Provisions: References or citations made in a form other than the foregoing will not defeat the intent of a user in citing this Code when that intent is otherwise clear. This Code is to be construed liberally to carry out its intent and purpose. (2003 Code)