A.   Abatement By City: Upon the failure of the person upon whom notice to abate a nuisance was served pursuant to the provisions of this chapter to abate the same, the building official or other duly designated officer of the city shall proceed to abate such nuisance and shall prepare a statement of costs stated in the abatement thereof. (1980 Code § 21-12; amd. 2003 Code)
   B.   City's Costs Declared Lien: Any and all costs incurred by the city in the abatement of a nuisance under the provisions of this chapter shall constitute a lien against the property upon which such nuisance existed; such lien shall be filed, proven and collected as provided for by law. Such lien shall be notice to all persons from the time of its recording, and shall bear interest at the legal rate thereafter until satisfied. (1980 Code § 21-13)
   C.   Abatement By Suit In District Court: In cases where it is deemed impractical summarily to abate a nuisance, the city may bring suit upon the district court as provided in 50 Oklahoma Statutes section 17. (1980 Code § 21-14; amd. Ord. 6288, 3-22-2021)