A.   Each builder who is defined in the workers' compensation act, 85 Oklahoma Statutes section 1 et seq. (the act), as an employer of employees as defined in the act and not exempt shall be required to document to the city and to keep in force during the life of its registration, a workers' compensation insurance policy to protect the builder's employees against occupational hazards and diseases as regulated and defined in the act.
   B.   A certificate of insurance for workers' compensation, with the city named as a certificate holder, from an insurance company duly licensed to do business in the state of Oklahoma, or proof of exemption or own risk status, shall be submitted with the application for registration to the city. Persons who are self- employed and do not fall under the jurisdiction of the act are not required to submit a certificate of insurance. However, in lieu of the certificate of insurance requirement, the applicant must execute an affidavit certifying he is wholly self-employed and does not fall under the act, with proof of exemption. The city attorney will establish acceptable criteria for proof of exemption. The builder shall notify the city within ten (10) days of termination of the policy. Failure to maintain workers' compensation insurance shall cause the builder's certificate to be deemed revoked. (Ord. 6108, 10-26-2009)