A.   Any person who is required by this chapter to possess a builder's certificate shall make an application to the city on forms provided by the city for that purpose.
   B.   The lending of any builder's certificate to any person for the purpose of obtaining building permits shall be deemed a cause for revocation. A builder's certificate issued by the city is not transferable and violation of this provision is cause for revocation, in addition to other penalties in this code.
   C.   The city commission may revoke the builder's certificate for just cause. The development services director may suspend such certificate if, in his/her opinion, the certificate holder violates any provision of this chapter. In such case, the development services director shall give notice of the suspension to the builder, and such suspension shall be effective until the city commission determines whether the certificate shall be revoked. The builder whose certificate has been suspended shall have the right to appear before the commission and be heard before the certificate is permanently revoked and shall be given adequate notice of the time and place of such hearing and the charges against the certificate holder. Such cause must be disposed of by the city commission within thirty (30) days of the time of the suspension. (Ord. 6108, 10-26-2009)