A.   Restrictions On Keeping: It shall be unlawful for any person to keep any motor vehicle not bearing a current motor vehicle license tag or tags on any residential property or to park such vehicle on any street or highway within the city. No motor vehicle without a current license tag or tags shall be kept on any other property or area of the city unless said property or area is owned, leased or rented by a person or persons who possess current Oklahoma motor vehicle dealers license or comply with city ordinances regulating the operation of junkyards or operates a motor vehicle body and repair business.
   B.   Inspections: Inspections under this section shall be under the jurisdiction of the city building official with the person in violation thereof to be notified by certified mail by the city building official of such violation and given ten (10) days from the date of mailing such notice to remove from their premises, or such street or highway, such motor vehicle or motor vehicles not bearing current motor vehicle license tag or tags.
   C.   File Complaint: After ten (10) days' notice by certified mail, it shall be the duty of the city building official to file the necessary complaint in the municipal court against any person or persons in violation of this section. (1980 Code § 34-170)