A.   Through Streets:
      1.   Designation: The board of commissioners, by motion or resolution, may designate any street or part of a street a through street. (1980 Code § 34-296)
      2.   Signs Required: Whenever any ordinance of the city designates and describes a through street, it shall be the duty of the city traffic engineer to place and maintain a stop sign, or on the basis of an engineering and traffic investigation at any intersection a yield sign, on each and every street intersecting such through street unless traffic at any such intersection is controlled at all times by traffic control signals; provided, however, that at the intersection of two (2) such through streets or at the intersection of a through street and a heavy traffic street not so designated, stop signs shall be erected at the approaches of either of said streets as may be determined by the city traffic engineer upon the basis of an engineering and traffic study. (1980 Code § 34-297)
   B.   Stop, Yield Intersections Authorized: The city traffic engineer, with the recommendation of the planning commission, is hereby authorized to determine and designate intersections where a particular hazard exists upon other than through streets and to determine: (1980 Code § 34-298; amd. Ord. 6158, 6-11-2012)
      1.   Whether vehicles shall stop at one or more entrances to any such intersection, in which event he shall cause to be erected a stop sign at every such place where a stop is required; or
      2.   Whether vehicles shall yield the right of way to vehicles on a different street at such intersection, in which event he shall cause to be erected a yield sign at every place where obedience thereto is required. (1980 Code § 34-298)