A.   Intoxicating Beverages Permit:
      1.   Any person required to possess a State license/permit for sale or distribution of beer, wine, mixed beverages, and any other classification of alcohol containing beverages now in existence or which may be created by the Legislature in the future, is required to have, possess and display, in the same location as their State license/permit, a City Occupation Tax permit for distribution or sale of the same product classification within Ponca City. (Ord. 6259, 6-11-2018, eff. 10-1-2018)
      2.   The City Clerk shall grant a City permit to an applicant upon:
         a.   The applicant's presentation of a valid State license for sale or distribution of the same beverage classification for which the City permit is requested; and
         b.   Payment of an annual Occupation Tax as established by the City Commission in an amount not in excess of that permitted by State Statute, including the State's reduced license fee for a mixed beverage or bottle club license for those service organizations or fraternal beneficiary societies which are exempt under section 501(c)(19), (8) or (10) of the Internal Revenue Code.
         c.   The applicant shall otherwise be in compliance with State Statutes regulating to the sale or distribution of the beverage classification for which a City permit is being requested.
         d.   City Occupational Tax permits for the above classifications shall be issued for a period of not to exceed one year and concurrent with the State alcohol license. The City Clerk is authorized to prorate City permits as necessary to establish this concurrent licensing scheme.
         e.   Refunds or rebates will not be provided for early surrender of a permit 1 . (Ord. 6128, 8-23-2010)



1. 37 OS 554.1.