(A)   In addition to the regulations set forth in F.S. Ch. 538 titled Secondhand Dealers and Secondary Metals Recyclers and in F.S. Ch. 539 titled “Florida Pawnbroking Act,” as may be amended from time to time, the city hereby adopts the following additional restrictions which shall apply in the city to the secondhand dealers, secondary metals recyclers, and pawnbrokers as defined in the statute.
      (1)   The term SECONDHAND DEALER is expanded to include any secondhand dealer as defined in state statute whether or not located in a fixed place of business.
      (2)   In addition to record keeping requirements as mandated by state statute, a secondhand dealer or pawnbroker shall also deliver and conform their record keeping to their local law enforcement agency to include:
         (a)   The amount of money paid or loaned by the dealer or pawnbroker for the item.
         (b)   No entry made in the record shall be erased, obliterated or defaced.
      (3)   A secondhand dealer, pawnbroker, or any employee thereof shall not have a secondhand store or pawnshop open or engage in or conduct business as a secondhand dealer or pawnbroker between the hours of 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.
      (4)   An original right thumbprint of the seller shall be affixed to all forms indicating a transaction of secondhand goods as required by state statute to be delivered to the City’s Business Tax Receipt Division. The thumbprint can only be used to identify the person whose name appears on the record when probable cause exists that the secondhand goods are stolen.
      (5)   A copy of a valid license from the Florida Department of Revenue or the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, as applicable, shall be necessary before any Zoning Use Certificate and/or business tax receipt shall be approved for any secondhand dealer or pawnbroker.
(Ord. 91-14, passed 11-27-90; Am. Ord. 2015-36, passed 3-24-15)