For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning:
   APPROXIMATE NUMBER OF SPACES. The approximate number of parking spaces in the described location. The number is not intended to limit the number of parking spaces approved to be metered but is intended to provide information to the reader.
   CAMPER AND RECREATIONAL VEHICLES. For the purposes of this chapter, the term shall include, but not be limited to, travel trailers, truck campers, motor homes, camping trailer, and van conversions.
   CONSTRUCTION AREA RENTAL. Any area of public parking, usually a parking lot or on-street parking, that is leased to a developer or contractor for the purpose of staging construction, for activities such as delivering and storing materials, equipment, trucks, and other construction apparatus, situated in close proximity of a permitted construction site.
   HOLIDAYS AND EVENTS. For the purposes of this chapter for setting parking rates during holidays and events, the term HOLIDAY shall include the following: Memorial Day, Presidents' Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day; and the following holidays of Thanksgiving Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, and Easter. Should a holiday fall on a Friday or Monday, then holiday shall include Saturday and Sunday immediately prior to or following the holiday. Events include the three days of the Seafood Festival and any event so designated by the City Manager or his designee.
   HURRICANE PARKING GRACE PERIOD. The period of time that the city does not charge for the use of the Pier Garage for parking by residents, nonresidents and businesses for the purpose of protecting their vehicles from a hurricane or other major storm or hazardous weather condition. May include one day before and one day following the event or as determined by the City Manager or his designee.
   IMMOBILIZATION DEVICE. An Immobilization Device is any device designed to deter and impede further movement of a vehicle either through the application of a conventional wheel lock or a device applied to the driver’s side windshield preventing visibility through the windshield.
   INTRACOASTAL WATERWAY. The Intracoastal Waterway (“ICWW”) is the navigable canal situated parallel to and west of the Atlantic Ocean.
   LICENSE PLATE READER (LPR). LPR is a device that electronically reads a vehicle’s license plate to determine if the owner of the vehicle has paid for the right to park in a city public space at the rate established by the city.
   MOTORCYCLE PARKING. Motorcycles, either two or multiple-wheeled models, may park in parking spaces designated for motorcycles or for automobiles. In the event multiple motorcycles occupy a parking space, each motorcycle must pay parking rate fees established by § 76.06.
   PAY BY APP. For certain designated meter zones, the parking customer or patron of a customer, such as a business owner serving a customer, may pay meter fees by telephone, utilizing a third party payment and collection agency through the vendor's cellular telephone and smart device application (“App”) in lieu of utilizing a parking meter for payment.
   PARKING METER. Any mechanical device placed or erected for the regulation of parking at or within a public parking facility by authority of this chapter. This term includes MULTI-SPACE PARKING METER, which is any mechanical device or meter placed or erected for the regulation of more than one parking space at or within a public parking facility.
   PARKING METER SPACE OR METER SPACE. Any space within a parking meter zone which is duly designated for the parking of a single vehicle by lines painted or otherwise durably marked on the curb or on the surface of the street.
   PARKING METER ZONE. Any public parking facility upon which parking meters are installed and in operation. This term includes MULTI-SPACE PARKING METER ZONES, which are any space or group of spaces controlled by a single multi-space parking meter. Parking spaces within parking meter zones are not numbered; however, the parked vehicle's license plate number is entered into the multi-space meter and is read by the parking enforcement attendant, so as to identify the vehicle's payment of the appropriate fees to park in said spaces.
   PARKING PERMIT DECAL, HANGTAG, ACCESS CARD, LICENSE PLATE READER OR AVI STICKER. The city may issue a decal, access card, prepaid access card, license plate reader permit, hangtag, or Automatic Visual Identification (AVI) readable sticker to a purchaser of a resident pass, business pass, or garage pass that allows the purchaser’s vehicle to be parked in a Parking Meter Zone without having to advance funds into the meter or through the use of the Pay By App, subject to restrictions and to the charges established by § 76.06.
   PARKING RATE ZONE. Areas of the city that provide parking meters are divided into zones within which the meter rates are consistent within its own zone. There are multiple parking rate zones since meter rates will vary according to location and demand. Rates within each zone will also vary during different times of the year, such as during the off-season, season, and events and holidays.
   PUBLIC PARKING FACILITY. Any publicly owned or managed parking lot, parking garage, parking space or parking area.
   RAMPING AREA. Any area used by a valet parking service that is used by the owner of a vehicle to drop off its vehicle in order for a parking valet service to move a customer's vehicle to a storage area and return the vehicle to its owner at the end of a valet service occurrence.
   RESIDENCY. As used in this chapter, residency may be established by the presentation of the following: a declaration of domicile or a Broward County Voters Registration Certificate, a valid picture identification, or Driver License, and one of the following with a matching Pompano Beach address: current lease, current utility bill, mortgage statement or current cable or internet bill that are less than 60 days old. The city may, in its sole discretion, during any period of time an individual enjoys the benefits of residency status, require the individual to present written documents to the appropriate city personnel to establish any of the forms of residency as set forth above. In addition, the individual may be requested to execute an affidavit under oath in which the individual declares that the representations made to the city regarding residency are true.
   In the event that residency is established by an individual, that individual's spouse or children residing in the same household shall also be entitled to residency rates.
   RESIDENT PARKING RATE DISCOUNT. A parking privilege located in designated areas at a discounted rate granted to residents of Pompano Beach, providing proof of residency. The amount of the parking rate discount is established by § 76.06.
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