Unless otherwise provided herein, illuminated signs must obtain a sign code compliance permit. The following signs and activities are exempt from the requirement to obtain a sign code compliance permit. All signs shall comply with the standards of this chapter, as applicable, and with any other applicable laws.
   (A)   Changing the copy of a sign, bulletin board, case sign, or marquee where no structural or electrical changes are made, or the changing of interchangeable letters on sign designed and intended for use of interchangeable letters. Nonconforming signs that are required to be brought into compliance in accordance with § 156.17 must obtain an approved sign code permit.
   (B)   Repainting, cleaning, or other normal maintenance and general repairs of a sign which does not involve structural or electrical changes. This exemption does not include painting a new wall sign, which requires a sign code compliance permit.
   (C)   Required address signs and warning signs.
   (D)   Permanent window signs and window decals such as, but not limited to, those denoting acceptance of credit cards or affiliation with civic groups.
   (E)   Cornerstones, memorial tablets and other signs built into the wall of a building
   (F)   Non-commercial signs that are less than four square feet in sign area.
   (G)   Those temporary signs which per Table 156.13 do not require a sign code compliance permit.
   (H)   Flags.
   (I)   One commercial flag not exceeding 24 square feet in size on premises that are at least 10,000 square feet of land in any nonresidential zoning district, or one commercial flag not exceeding 12 square feet in size on premises that are at least 5,000 square feet of land in any nonresidential zoning district.
   (J)   Neon tubing, fiber optic cable or similar special effect or architectural lighting provided such lighting does not serve a commercial purpose or convey an advertising message. Displays of linear special effect lighting shall be limited to two parallel lines.
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