It is unlawful for any person to erect, install, affix, place, or to assist or participate in same, or allow to be erected, installed, affixed, or placed any of the following signs that is not designated as a landmark sign:
   (A)   Traffic hazard signs.
   (B)   Pole signs used for anything other than limited highway access signs. Pole signs in existence as of December 11, 2012 are considered nonconforming signs and are subject to the amortization schedule per Ordinance 2013-31.
   (C)   Animated signs.
   (D)   Vehicular advertising signs.
   (E)   Billboards and general advertising signs.
   (F)   Flashing signs.
   (G)   Off-premise signs.
   (H)   Portable signs.
   (I)   Roof signs.
   (J)   Scintillating signs.
   (K)   Snipe signs.
   (L)   Any sign which obstructs a fire escape, window, door or other passageway or opening which may be used as a means of ingress or egress.
   (M)   Electrical or illuminated signs in single-family and two-family dwelling districts.
   (N)   Signs not properly maintained or kept in a good state of repair, showing neglect, or in such a dilapidated or hazardous condition as to violate the purpose, intent, and objectives of this chapter, or which are in violation of the Florida Building Code.
   (O)   Signs made of exposed neon tubes.
   (P)   Any sign that revolves.
   (Q)   Any sign which obstructs passage across a roof, or any sign which interferes with any opening required for ventilation.
   (R)   Any sign which does not comply with the terms, conditions, provisions, or intent of this chapter or any other applicable federal, state, or local law, including any requirement to obtain a Sign Code Compliance Permit or a building permit.
   (S)   Private signs upon, within or otherwise encroaching on public right-of-way, upon a structure located in the right-of-way, or on public property.
   (T)   Abandoned signs.
   (U)   Abandoned sign structures.
   (V)   Attention-gaining devices.
   (W)   Additional signs prohibited in the Atlantic Boulevard Overlay District (AOD) and Transit Oriented (TO) Overlay Districts.
      (1)   Signs with iridescent or day-glow colors or signs with reflective material.
      (2)   A-frame sign.
      (3)   Changeable copy sign, including manual and automatic.
      (4)   Cabinet sign.
      (5)   Pylon signs.
      (6)   Painted sign.
      (7)   Temporary window sign.
   (X)   Unpermitted activity sign.
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