§ 156.02 SCOPE.
   (A)   This chapter does not regulate traffic control devices; signs that are not designed to be viewed from or are not legible from a vehicle or pedestrian in any public right-of-way; window displays of merchandise; point of purchase advertising displays such as candy machines and other product dispensers; or signs that are required by law to be posted on public or private property.
   (B)   The primary intent of this chapter is to regulate signs of a commercial nature designed to be viewed from or legible from a vehicle or pedestrian in any public right-of-way, and to provide for the protection of the health, safety, property values, and general welfare of the citizens of the city. It is also the intent of this chapter to improve vehicular and pedestrian safety, provide more open space, curb the deterioration of natural beauty within the community, and reduce visual blight. This chapter recognizes that aesthetics and design quality cannot be a satisfactorily legislated; it is recognized, however, that a great percentage of that which is unattractive can be eliminated by sensible quality control and by reasonable guidelines formulated to minimize clutter.
   (C)   This chapter does not regulate government signs on property owned by the CRA, city, Broward County or the State of Florida.
   (D)   In the event of any conflict between this Code and any declaration of covenants, bylaws, or other restrictions applying to any property within the city, the language affording the more restrictive interpretation shall apply.
   (E)   The city specifically finds that these sign regulations are narrowly tailored to achieve the compelling and substantial governmental interests of traffic safety and aesthetics, and that there is no other way for the city to further these interests.
('58 Code, § 50.303) (Ord. 81-13, passed 12-2-80; Am. Ord. 83-24, passed 1-25-83; Am. Ord. 2017-29, passed 2-28-17)