(A)   The City Commission recognizes that among the many causes of deterioration in business and residential neighborhoods are proliferation of crime, faulty lot layouts and fragmentation of land uses, and other factors as outlined in F.S.A. Ch. 163, Part IV, known as the Safe Neighborhoods Act (the “Act”).
      (1)   This section shall serve as the city's notice, intention, and interest in pursuing such funding and assistance from the State Department of Community Affairs to enable the city to proceed in strict accordance with the Act.
      (2)   The City Commission further believes that safe neighborhoods are the product of planning and implementation of appropriate environmental design concepts, comprehensive crime prevention programs, land use recommendations, and beautification techniques.
      (3)   The City Commission wishes to take advantage of the powers granted to local governments in implementing crime prevention techniques to establish safe neighborhoods by participating in and coordinating with the programs associated with the Act.
   (B)   The City Commission adopts this local planning section authorizing the creation of local government neighborhood improvement districts in order to establish safe neighborhoods in strict accordance with the Act.
   (C)   This section shall serve as an inducement and planning ordinance consistent with the Act, and the city shall be entitled to any and all accoutrements provided for under and pursuant to F.S.A. Ch. 163, Part IV (1987), as that legislation may be later codified or amended.
(Ord. 88-48, passed 4-5-88)