§ 154.17 OFFICIAL MAP.
   The City Commission may by ordinance establish an official map of the city, on which shall be shown and indicated the following.
   (A)   All public streets existing and established by law at the time of the establishment of the official map.
   (B)   All planned streets or street lines as located on plats adopted by the City Commission in accordance with provision of § 154.18(B) at the time of the establishment of the map.
   (C)   All streets or street lines as located on final or recorded plats of subdivisions approved by the Planning and Zoning Board and City Commission at the time of the establishment of the map. The placing of any street or street lines upon the official map shall not, in and of itself, constitute or be deemed to constitute the opening or establishment of any street, nor the taking or acceptance of any land for street purposes. The City Commission may in the same manner place upon the official map the location of existing or planned parks or other public open spaces.
   (D)   The city map shall show thereon any or all of the lands of the city, each lot and block, tract, or parcel of land being thereon so indicated by number or other designation as to be easily and intelligently referred to by way of description, and for the filing thereof in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court for Broward County, as a part of the public records of Broward County. After the filing thereof, the lands therein indicated may be described and assessed upon the city tax assessment roll by reference to the map, which shall be plainly endorsed “Pompano Beach City Map” as a sufficient designation.
(Special Acts, Ch. 57-1754, § 213) (‘58 Code, § 41.03.3) (Am. Ord. 2013-34, passed 1-8-13; Am. Ord. 2014-19, passed 2-11-14)
Editor’s note:
   Section 154.20 is composed of provisions previously set out as section 213 of the Charter. The transfer of this section was at the specific request of the city, pursuant to the Municipal Home Rule Powers Act.