(A)   The Planning and Zoning Board of the city is hereby designated as the Local Planning Agency for the city comprehensive plan. The Agency has that title as defined under F.S. §§ 163.3161 et seq. The proper city officials are hereby directed to officially inform the Department of Veteran and Community Affairs and the South Florida Regional Planning Council of this designation. The Agency shall choose its officers and set its rules of procedure. Clerical and secretarial staff for the Local Planning Agency shall be provided by the administration of the city. The Agency shall be funded by the City Commission in the annual budget of the city. All meetings of the Agency shall be public meetings and its records shall be public records. Regular meetings of the Agency shall be held on the last Wednesday of each month. Special meetings may be called by the Chairman of the Agency when deemed appropriate. The Agency shall encourage comments from any citizen regarding the plan and its development. All written comments will be acknowledged and will become a part of the public records of the Agency.
(‘58 Code, § 41.06) (Ord. 76-108, passed 9-21-76; Am. Ord. 82-57, passed 6-1-82; Am. Ord. 2014-19, passed 2-11-14)
   (B)   The Agency shall have the responsibility for conducting the comprehensive plan program and the preparation of the comprehensive plan or elements or portions thereof. As an integral part of the preparation of the plan, the Planning Department is hereby designated to prepare the comprehensive plan and the elements thereof with the responsibility for final recommendation for the adoption of the plan to the Commission residing with the Agency. The Agency shall also monitor and oversee the effectiveness and status of the plan and recommend to the Commission those changes in the comprehensive plan as may from time to time be required.
('58 Code, § 41.07)
   (C)   The Agency shall charge fees for services provided to outside persons or agencies. These fees shall be equal to the actual cost of furnishing the services, including all materials and labor (both direct and indirect, including fringe benefits) plus 10% for administrative costs.
('58 Code, § 41.08)
   (D)   The Agency shall encourage citizens' input through civic associations. Those civic organizations which request to be placed on the Agency's mailing list shall be sent agendas of each meeting of the Agency. In addition, these civic organizations shall also be sent regularly prepared information on the Agency's prospective work programs and activities and will be encouraged to present these documents to their members and to forward comments and suggestions to the Agency.
('58 Code, § 41.09) (Ord. 76-108, passed 9-21-76; Am. Ord. 79-38, passed 3-27-79)
(Ord. 76-32, passed 3-2-76; Am. Ord. 2013-34, passed 1-8-13)