(A)   After the comprehensive plan or any element or portion thereof has been adopted in conformity with law, all development undertaken by and all actions taken in regard to development orders by the city administration in regard to land covered by the plan or element shall be consistent with the plan or element as adopted. All land development regulations enacted or amended shall also be consistent with the adopted comprehensive plan or element or portion thereof.
   (B)   After the adoption of the comprehensive plan or element or portion thereof by the City Commission, no land development regulation or land development code or amendment thereto shall be adopted by the City Commission until the regulation, code, or amendment has been referred to the Local Planning Agency for review and recommendation as to the relationship of the proposal to the adopted comprehensive plan or element or portion thereof. The recommendations shall be made within a reasonable time but not later than two months within the time of reference to the Local Planning Agency. If a recommendation is not made within this time provided, the City Commission may act upon the adoption of the regulation notwithstanding the omission of a recommendation from the Local Planning Agency.
('58 Code, § 41.19) (Ord. 76-32, passed 3-2-76)