The Building Department shall charge and collect for permits at the rates listed in the following schedules.
   (A)   Double fees. When work for which a permit is required is commenced prior to the obtaining of a permit, pursuant to Section 105.1 of the Florida Building Code, the fees as specified herein shall be doubled, but in no event shall the doubled fee be less than $100. The applicant for a permit shall be required to pay a minimum of double the fee as specified herein as the cost of the permit. When work for which a permit is required is commenced prior to the obtaining of a permit, a one-time per project penalty fee of $200 plus a double permit fee shall be charged. The payment of the double fee shall not relieve any person, firm, or corporation from fully complying with all of the requirements of all applicable regulations and codes, nor shall it relieve them from being subject to any of the penalties therein.
   (B)   Reinspection fees. All fees shall include payment for the permit and for inspection of the work. If the building inspector, upon inspection after completion of the work or apparatus, finds that the work does not conform to or comply with the provisions of the state law, the building code, or city code of ordinances, the inspector shall notify the contractor or owner, indicating the corrections required. When the corrections have been made, the inspector shall be notified by the owner or contractor that the corrections have been made, and the inspector shall again inspect the work or apparatus for a charge of $60, subsequent reinspections are $250.
      (1)   Wrong address;
      (2)   Condemned work, resulting from faulty construction;
      (3)   Repairs or corrections not made when reinspection has been requested;
      (4)   Work not ready, approved plans (with revisions) not on job site, or job site secured or inaccessible for inspection when called; or no ladder provided;
      (5)   There has been no final or other inspection due to the owner or his agent.
      (6)   Building or structures being used or occupied in whole or part until a certificate of occupancy or temporary or partial certificate of occupancy shall have been issued in accordance with Section 106.1 of the Florida Building Code.
      (7)   The payment for reinspection fees shall be made before any further permits will be issued to the person or firm owing same. No further inspections will be made until all outstanding reinspection fees have been paid.
      (8)   Failed inspection.
   (C)   Certificate of occupancy fees. UNIT is defined as any subdivided area within one building denoting tenant separation.
      (1)   Fees for a permanent certificate of occupancy are as follows (Section 111.1. as defined in the Florida Building Code, Broward County Administrative Provisions):
         (a)   Residential, $150
         (b)   Commercial, $250
      (2)   Fees for a temporary use certificate or a partial certificate of occupancy are as follows (Section 111.1.3. as defined in the Florida Building Code, Broward County Administrative Provisions):
         (a)   Each unit, $550
         (b)   Any renewal or extension of a temporary use certificate or partial certificate of occupancy shall be $550.
      (3)   Certificate of completion, $5.
   (D)   The fees for the listed items designated in (C)(1) and (C)(3) shall be included when the building permit fees are paid.
   (E)   Overtime inspections. Inspections requested outside of normal business hours shall be at the rate of $225 for the first three hours and $75 per additional hour per inspector and $270 for the first three hours and $90 per additional hour on Sundays and city observed holidays per inspector.
   (F)   When an active permit is extended prior to expiration, in accordance with Section Florida Building Code, with no change in plans, a fee of $125 or the cost of the base permit fee, whichever is less, shall be charged.
   (G)   When a permit expires and becomes null and void, a new permit covering the proposed construction shall be obtained before proceeding with the work as per Section Florida Building Code.
   (H)   (1)   All submittal, permit and inspection fees are nonrefundable.
      (2)   No permit and/or inspection fees may be waived, reduced or exempted. The City Commission shall have the authority to waive or reduce such fees upon request by other governmental entities upon a showing of good cause.
   (I)   Permits may be revoked in the event a worthless check is used for payment of permit fees or for checks written and subsequently not honored by a bank due to insufficient funds, for misrepresentation of the information on the permit application or documents, or for forged signatures on permit documents or applications. Revoked permits shall reapply under new application and documents. A service charge shall become due for uncollected checks as per § 32.37 of the City Code of Ordinances.
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