(A)   For the purpose of this section the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   CONSTRUCTION PERMIT. A written authorization by the Building Official to proceed with construction, alteration, repairs, installation, or demolition, and which includes the names of the various contractors authorized to work at the construction project.
   CONSTRUCTION PROJECT. A single building or structure.
   (B)   The purpose and intent of this section is to provide a uniform system for the issuance of building permits, thereby reducing the amount of time required to issue building permits and improving communication between the owner of property and the Building Department.
   (C)   The Building Department shall issue construction permits, as required by Section 104 of the Florida Building Code, hereinafter referred to as permits, to the owner or agent acting on behalf of the owner for all phases of a construction project upon completion of the following requirements.
      (1)   Plans and specifications for all phases of the construction project shall be submitted at the same time in accordance with Section 104.6.2 of the Florida Building Code.
      (2)   Each application for permitting of the construction project must be submitted at the same time and shall bear the signatures of the qualified applicant, in accordance with Section 104.6 of the Florida Building Code, and bear the seal of a Notary Public, including the owner's signature, where applicable.
      (3)   The application for the permit and all plans and specifications shall be examined at the same time to determine compliance with all applicable state and local laws and shall be approved by the appropriate inspectors.
      (4)   Payment of the permit fee, which includes the sum total of the various fee schedules and other related costs as set forth in this chapter, is required.
      (5)   The applicants for the permit shall be deemed qualified by the Building Official in accordance with Section of the Florida Building Code and other applicable state and local laws.
      (6)   Any other valid requirement as may be lawfully imposed must be complied with.
      (7)   Any qualified applicant desiring a permit may file permit applications separately and under various time intervals for buildings proposed to be erected as a “shell” consisting of the exterior walls, roof, and common areas. However, no work shall proceed unless a valid permit has been issued for that particular phase of construction including all sub-trades requiring a permit as set forth in the Florida Building Code. Once a “shell” certificate of completion has been issued, as prescribed in Section 106.2 of the Florida Building Code, this subsection (7) shall not apply to other applications for tenants, owners, or occupants, interior work which must meet the requirements of all applicable code provisions. All permit applications must be submitted through the required regulatory agencies as mandated in Section 104.3 of the Florida Building Code.
   (D)   The provisions of this section shall not be construed to repeal, modify, or restrict the applicable provisions of the Florida Building Code or any other applicable state or local provision of law.
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   Building permit fees, see § 152.12
   Building permits for construction in the coastal building zone, see § 152.36