§ 133.15 LOTTERIES.
   It shall be unlawful for any person in the city to set up, promote, conduct, operate, engage in, or participate in any way in any lottery, scheme, or device for money or for anything of value; to dispose of money, property, or things of value by lottery; to conduct any lottery drawings for the distribution of prizes by lot or chance, or to advertise any lottery scheme or device in any newspaper or by circulars, posters, pamphlets, or otherwise; to sell, offer for sale, or transmit by mail or otherwise any lottery tickets, coupons, or shares in or fraction or part of any lottery ticket, share, or coupon; to attempt to operate, conduct, or advertise any lottery scheme or device; to have in his possession any wheel, balls, implement, or device whatsoever for conducting any lottery or scheme for the disposal by lot or chance of anything of value; to have in his possession any of the implements, devices, apparatus, tickets, receipts, books, coupons, lists, code numbers, or other things commonly or customarily used in bolita, Cuba bolita, Cuba, New York bond, parlay, or any form of lottery, whether for a lottery yet to be played or one that has heretofore been played; to have in his possession any lottery ticket or evidence of any share or right in any lottery ticket, or any lottery scheme or device; to have in his possession any lottery advertisement, circular, poster, pamphlet, numbered books, or any list or schedule of lottery prizes, gifts, drawings, or odds, or to aid and assist in the conducting, holding, or participation in a lottery, either by writing, printing, or otherwise; to be interested in or connected in any way with any lottery or lottery drawing; or to aid or assist in the sale, disposal, or procurement of any lottery ticket coupon, share, or right to any drawing therein.
('58 Code, § 31.28) (Ord. 281, passed - - ) Penalty, see § 10.99