(A)   It shall be unlawful for any person to consume any alcoholic beverage, regardless of alcoholic content, including liquor, beer or wine, or to possess any open container containing an alcoholic beverage, upon all unlicensed public premises including streets, sidewalks, public beaches or other public or quasi-public places within the city. For the purposes of this section, the definition of quasi-public shall mean that private property where a private owner permits the general and common use of a street or way by the public such as parking lots, shopping centers and those where the public is deemed to be invited or otherwise has the right of passage. Quasi-public shall also include those portions of private property which areparking lots, streets, or common areas of apartment buildings, condominiums, mobile home parks, undeveloped, vacant or open lots, and like areas, where the private owner or organization exercising control over said areas has authorized the city in writing to enforce this section. This section shall not be construed to permit consumption of alcoholic beverages in the parking lot of or immediately adjacent to, any premises licensed for the sale of, or for the sale and on-premise consumption of, alcoholic beverages.
('58 Code, § 31.57) (Ord. 67-33, passed 4-17-67; Am. Ord. 2003-26, passed 1-14-03)
   (B)   No person shall bring into, consume, or sell alcoholic beverages in a park or other municipal facility, except:
      (1)   Alcoholic beverages may be sold by persons operating pursuant to an agreement with the city, subject to the regulation and control of the City Commission. Sale of alcoholic beverages shall be by the individual drink only, and drinks shall only be consumed on the premises encompassed in the agreement. Sale of beer and wine in unopened containers shall not be permitted.
      (2)   Alcoholic beverages may be consumed at family or group picnics or functions provided a permit for such consumption is approved by the City Commission. The Director of Parks and Recreation may require that one or more law enforcement officers be present at such picnics or functions. In such cases, the anticipated expense shall be paid in advance by the group having the picnic or function.
   (C)   Production of permits. No person in a park or municipal facility shall refuse or fail to produce and exhibit any permit he claims to have upon the request of any law enforcement officer or other authorized park employee who wishes to inspect the permit for the purpose of determining that the provisions of this subsection have been complied with. This permit may be revoked for just cause by the Parks and Recreation Director or his designee.
(Ord. 89-88, passed 9-5-89) Penalty, see § 10.99