(A)   Definitions.
      ARCADE AMUSEMENT CENTERS. A place of business having at least 50 coin-operated amusement games or machines on premises which are operated for the entertainment of the general public and tourists as a bonafide amusement facility, as currently defined by F.S. § 849.161(2) or as later may be amended.
      AMUSEMENT GAMES OR MACHINES. Games, machines, or devices which are exempted by F.S. §849.161(a)1. and will operate by means of the insertion of a coin and which by the application of skill may entitle the person playing or operating the game or machine to receive points or coupons which may be exchanged for merchandise only, excluding cash and alcoholic beverages, provided the cost value of the merchandise or prize awarded in exchange for such points or coupons does not exceed $.75 on any game played, as currently defined in F.S. § 849.161(1)(a)l. or as later may be amended.
   (B)   Business tax receipt.
      (1)   Anyone conducting business in the city as an arcade amusement center must first obtain a business tax receipt to operate same, pursuant to the requirements of Chapter 113 of the Code of Ordinances, along with obtaining all required zoning approvals from the city. Each game or machine shall also be subject to a business tax receipt tax as provided in Chapter 113.
      (2)   Failure to comply with subsection (B)(1) above shall constitute a violation of § 113.20(A) of this Code for each day business is conducted, punishable by § 10.99.
      (3)   No business tax receipt shall be approved for any arcade amusement center that does not fully meet the requirements of F.S. §§ 849.161(1)(a)1. and 849.161(2).
      (4)   The serial numbers, manufacturers, and names of all amusement games or machines to be utilized in an arcade amusement center shall be provided with an application for a business tax receipt, and a revised list shall be provided to the city’s Business Tax Receipt Division annually, as a condition for renewal of the business tax receipt.
      (5)   Failure to comply with all requirements in F.S. §§ 849.161(1)(a)l. and 849.161(2) shall constitute grounds for revocation of the business tax receipt, subject to the revocation procedures provided in Chapter 113.
   (C)   Inspection and requirements.
      (1)   All amusement games and machines shall be made available for inspection by city business tax receipt inspectors, law enforcement officers, or other authorized city agents, during normal operating hours of each arcade amusement center to insure compliance with the requirements of this section and of state or federal laws.
      (2)   All amusement games and machines utilized in an arcade amusement center in the city shall meet any and all applicable federal and state requirements, or shall be in violation of this section.
   (D)   Arcade amusement centers shall be permitted only in districts as provided in Chapter 155, the city’s Zoning Code.
   (E)   Parking requirements shall be as set forth in Chapter 155.
   (F)   No alcoholic beverages, including but not limited to beer and wine shall be consumed on the premises of an arcade amusement center within the city. Failure to comply with this division shall constitute a violation for each occurrence.
   (G)   All amusement games or machines utilized in an arcade amusement center must operate by means of insertion of a coin and must otherwise comply with the requirements of F.S. § 849.161.
   (H)   Points or coupons to be exchanged for merchandise, and provided by the arcade amusement center to persons playing or operating games or machines, may not be exchanged for cash or alcoholic beverages, and must so state in writing on the points or coupons, and must otherwise comply with the requirements of F.S. § 849.161. Failure to comply with this division shall constitute a violation.
(Ord. 2004-56, passed 7-27-04; Am. Ord. 2007-57, passed 7-10-07)