(A)   Any person, firm, or corporation desiring to use, install, or improve any water, drainage, or sewage line wherein any piping, tubing, fittings, or distribution system shall be used shall first make in writing an application to the City Commission. The application shall contain the following.
      (1)   Names and addresses of owners of business.
      (2)   Engineers' drawings, sketches, and specifications of the proposed utility system including sketches of the location, size, and area to be used.
      (3)   Estimated completion time of work.
      (4)   Affidavits, letters, or easement deeds from those owners whose lands would be directly affected.
('58 Code, § 37.03)
   (B)   The City Commission upon presentation of the petition shall thereupon hold a public hearing on the application after duly advertising the same once a week for two weeks in a newspaper duly published in this city. In addition thereto, landowners within one-half mile of the proposed area shall be notified in writing by the City Clerk of the public hearing.
('58 Code, § 37.04)
(Ord. 697, passed - - )