(A)   The owner of every rental structure, structures containing a rental unit or units, or individually owned units, which are utilized as a dwelling for residential living purposes must obtain a business tax receipt for each rented structure or unit, including, but not limited to, single-family homes and condominium units, when the structure or any portion is rented and not owner-occupied. All such rental structures and rental units shall comply with all minimum standards in Chapter 153: Rental Housing Code.
   (B)   All rental units and structures utilized as residential dwellings shall comply with all designated permitted lawful uses for the zoning district in which the rental unit or structure is located as set forth in Chapter 155: Zoning Code, and the use of such property for rental purposes shall not alter any such permitted uses.
   (C)   (1)   All rental units and structures shall be subject to inspection by the city’s Code Inspectors for compliance with all applicable Zoning, Building, Housing and Fire Code requirements, and for compliance with all requirements for rental housing in Chapter 153.
      (2)   Whenever a property containing a rental unit or structure used as a residential dwelling is sold or otherwise changes ownership, the new owner must:
         (a)   Apply for a new business tax receipt; and
         (b)   Schedule and obtain an inspection of the rental structures and unit(s) by the city’s Code Inspectors, to ensure compliance with all applicable Zoning, Building, Rental Housing and Fire Codes, and that all uses of the property are lawful and permitted. This inspection shall be required within 60 days of application as part of the application process for issuance of the new business tax receipt. Failure to obtain and pass such inspection shall be grounds for revocation of any business tax receipt issued. No fees paid for any business tax receipt shall be refunded upon such revocation.
(Ord. 2007-57, passed 7-10-07; Am. Ord. 2008-47, passed 6-24-08; Am. Ord. 2014-09, passed 12-10- 13; Am. Ord. 2022-42, passed 4-12-22)