(A)   Every person having a business tax receipt shall exhibit the business tax receipt when called upon to do so by an authorized officer of the city, and all business tax receipts must be conspicuously displayed at all times.
(‘58 Code, § 22.19)
   (B)   It is the duty of any person exercising the privilege of conducting a business, occupation, or profession for which a business tax receipt is required, to post his business tax receipt in a conspicuous place in or about his place of business where it may be seen upon inspection by any city official, and for his failure to do so, he shall, upon conviction, be punished.
(‘58 Code, § 22.17)
   (C)   Whenever a business tax receipt is required to be paid on any machine, trade board, vehicle, or the like, the business tax receipt or other evidence of payment of the tax must be located in a prominent place upon the premises where the machine, trade board, vehicle or the like as designated by the Development Services Director or designee.
   (D)   Whenever the Development Services Director or designee finds a vending machine required to maintain a business tax receipt under this chapter being operated without a current business tax receipt, he shall attach to the machine a notice of delinquent taxes. Any person who removes a notice of delinquent taxes or who removes any monies from the machine before the business tax receipts are paid, shall be guilty of a violation.
(‘58 Code, § 22.18) (Ord. 487, passed -- ; Am. Ord. 487-A, passed -- ; Ord.69-83, passed 8-19-69; Am. Ord. 72-47, passed 6-27-72; Am. Ord. 97-7, passed 10-8-96; Am. Ord. 2007-57, passed 7-10-07; Am. Ord. 2010-02, passed 10-27-09) Penalty, see § 10.99