The purposes of this chapter are to implement the Act, including, without limitation, the following:
   (A)   To increase the availability of affordable housing by combining local resources and cost-saving measures using a local housing partnership as applicable, and by using private and public funds to reduce the cost of housing.
   (B)   To promote more compact urban development and to assist in achieving the growth management goals contained in the adopted local comprehensive plan by allowing more efficient use of land so as to provide housing units that are more affordable.
   (C)   To establish a strong sense of community through increased social and economic integration.
   (D)   To build the organizational and technical capacity of community-based organizations so as to optimize the role of community-based organizations in the production of affordable housing.
   (E)   To promote innovative design of eligible housing and its supporting infrastructure, to provide for cost savings in the provision of such housing.
   (F)   To promote expedited permit-processing systems for affordable housing.
(Ord. 93-56, passed 7-20-93)