For the purpose of this chapter the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
   ADDRESS. That designation given to or approved by the Building Official of the city. The address shall include a number, street direction (if applicable), street name or number, and street type. In addition, where there is more than one building or structure on a single folio property, there shall be a building and/or unit designation to differentiate addresses.
   ALARM SYSTEM CONTRACTOR. As defined by § 553.793, F.S.
   ALARM INCIDENT. Any operation or activation of an alarm system within the city which causes or results in response to the alarm location by any police, fire, or medical personnel, which was not caused or necessitated by an actual emergency or need for police, fire, or medical services at that location.
   ALARM SYSTEM and/or ALARM. Any device or system of devices designed or used in or upon a building or structure or used to detect violations of an entry onto property protected by an alarm for the detection and alerting of others of fire, medical emergency or of unauthorized entry, or any other crime, including, but not limited to, robbery and burglary offenses, which emits a sound, signal, or message, when activated.
   ALARM REGISTRATIONS. The registration issued by the city allowing the operation of an alarm system by a responsible party within the city. This registration shall be in addition to any permits required by the Florida Building Code or any other governing code.
   APPLICANT. Any person, firm, corporation, partnership, or other entity using an alarm, and seeking an alarm permit or renewal of same from the city.
   RESPONSIBLE PARTY. The owner of real property in the city where a building or structure contains an alarm system which is in operation, and any person, firm, corporation, partnership, tenant or other entity that utilizes or operates an alarm system within said building or structure, excluding alarm system contractors.
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