§ 102.01  INTENT.
   It is the intent of this chapter to promote, protect, and improve the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of the city by providing for an efficient procedure to insure that alarm systems are properly maintained and regulated. In an effort to strive for a harmonious balance in servicing those residents or businesses with alarm systems and incurring the associated costs as compared with providing the basic level of service expected by all residents and businesses in the city, the City Commission has determined that those residents or businesses within the city with alarm systems shall pay a service charge to offset the costs incurred by the city in responding to alarm incidents.
(Ord. 85-20, passed 1-29-85; Am. Ord. 92-04, passed 10-29-91; Am. Ord. 93-30, passed 3-2-93; Am. Ord. 2005-63, passed 6-28-05)