§ 100.21 PERMITS; FEES.
   (A)   A permit from the Director of Public Works shall be required for the following types of construction or placement of materials whether in the public right-of-way or on private property and a permit fee shall be charged all persons performing such construction or placement. However, permit fees will be waived on construction by public utility companies operating under a franchise agreement granted by the city and on construction of projects under contract with the city. Permit fees shall be as follows.
      (1)   Paving. Four (4) percent of cost as established by the Director of Public Works with a minimum fee of $40.
      (2)   Water distribution and sewerage systems. Four (4) percent based on cost as established by the Director of Public Works with a minimum fee of $40.
      (3)   Seawalls, docks, groins, and waterfront structures and dredging. Four (4) percent of cost as established by the Director of Public Works with a minimum fee of $40.
      (4)   Storm sewers. Four (4) percent of cost as established by the Director of Public Works with a minimum of $40.
      (5)   Establishing grades. $20 flat fee, which shall include all improvements not listed above.
   (B)   Should the applicant for the permit fail to supply the city administration with its detailed cost information, then the Director of Public Works shall value the cost of the improvement and determine the amount thereof in accordance with the following minimum cost factor table, if applicable, or other generally accepted cost factors.
      (1)   Streets. Eight-inch stabilization, eight-inch lime-rock base and one-inch asphaltic concrete surface, $10 per square yard.
      (2)   Sidewalks. Four-inch concrete, $14 per square yard.
      (3)   Storm sewers.
       15-inch. $23 per lineal foot.
       18-inch. $25 per lineal foot.
       21-inch. $28 per lineal foot.
       24-inch. $31 per lineal foot.
       27-inch. $55 per lineal foot.
       30-inch. $63 per lineal foot.
       33-inch. $70 per lineal foot.
       36-inch. $80 per lineal foot.
       42-inch. $90 per lineal foot.
       48-inch. $100 per lineal foot.
      (4)   Seawalls.
       Inland waterways. $100 per lineal foot.
       Oceanfront. $200 per lineal foot.
      (5)   Water distribution systems.
       6-inch pipe. $12 per lineal foot.
       8-inch pipe. $13 per lineal foot.
       10-inch pipe. $15 per lineal foot.
       12-inch pipe. $20 per lineal foot.
      (6)   Sanitary sewer systems.
       Gravity mains. $60 per lineal foot.
       Force mains. Same as water mains.
   (C)   The fees required by this section may be waived by the City Commission upon the City Commission determining that it is in the city's best interest to do so after considering the following:
      (1)   That the applicant for the permit is a governmental agency or other political subdivision of the state.
      (2)   That the proposed construction will generally be a benefit to the city and not principally a private benefit.
      (3)   That the applicant for the permit and/or its contractor is experienced in the type of construction for which a permit is requested.
   (D)   The application for a permit prescribed by subsection (A) above shall:
      (1)   Describe the work to be done and include detailed cost information on the value of the proposed work and the manner in which it is to be done;
      (2)   Conform with the requirements listed herein and all other requirements of applicable technical codes, administrative rules, and federal, state and local laws; and
      (3)   Be accompanied by detailed plans and specifications for the structure or placement of materials at the proposed site which are prepared by an engineer licensed in the State of Florida together with a site plan or survey showing the location of the proposed structure or materials in conjunction with adjoining land or water, as applicable.
   (E)   Time limitation. Permits shall expire and become null and void if the work authorized by the permit is not commenced within 180 days from the issuance date of the permit, or if such work is commenced and is abandoned or suspended for a period of 90 days. If work has commenced, and the permit becomes null and void or expires because of abandonment or a lack of progress, a new permit for the proposed work shall be obtained before proceeding with the work. If the work covered by the permit has not commenced, or has commenced and been suspended or abandoned, the City Engineer may extend such permit for a single period of 180 days from the date of expiration of the original permit, if request for extension is made prior to the expiration date of the original permit. No permit shall remain valid for a period in excess of two years.
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