(A)   The street address numbers of all buildings in the city shall be those assigned by the Building Official of the city. The owners or occupants of all buildings and other premises are required to make application to the Building Official for the assignment of a correct street address number prior to issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy for any new building or prior to occupancy of any existing building whose street address does not comply with this provision and prominently display the number assigned on the particular building or occupied premises. Street address numbers shall be no less than three inches in height and no greater than ten inches in height, and shall be distinguishable from the street, provided, however, that the minimum and maximum signage requirement shall not be applicable to those buildings and premises with existing street address number signage.
('58 Code, § 44.07)
   (B)   All houses and buildings and other premises in the city shall be numbered by the Building Official upon the following plan. Atlantic Boulevard as an east-west base line, and a line following South Cypress Road from the south city limits north to Atlantic Boulevard, then following Dixie Highway (State Road #811) to North 16th Street, then following the north-south center line of the northeast and southeast quarter sections of Section 26, Township 48 South, Range 42 East (North Cypress Road) as a north-south base line, which base lines shall divide the city into four sections, namely, northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest. All numbering shall run north, south, east, and west from the base lines, on a unit basis of 100 between each differently- numbered street, placing even numbers on the east and south sides of the streets, and odd numbers on the north and west sides as numbers increase from the base lines, except in unusual layouts of streets, where the Building Official may vary the numbering as may best accomplish the purposes of this section. All parallel streets shall be numbered in a similar manner.
('58 Code, § 44.08) (Ord. 66-44, passed 5-2-66; Am. Ord. 87-54, passed 6-23-87) Penalty, see § 10.99