(A)   Applications for permits to use a room in the recreation center must be made at the center on forms provided for that purpose before the date of requested use and accompanied by payment in full and any necessary security deposit. Permits must be approved by the Recreation Activities Supervisor who can only approve them after payment in full.
   (B)   Permits for groups composed of minors will be issued only to adults who accept responsibility for supervising the minors throughout the period covered by the permit.
   (C)   No tickets are to be sold at the door and no other charges are to be made, except as expressly authorized on the permit.
   (D)   The serving of food or use of kitchen facilities is prohibited unless expressly authorized and approved on the permit.
   (E)   No group shall conduct any activity causing extra janitorial work unless a previous agreement has been made to pay for the extra work.
   (F)   Decorations shall not be put up without the approval of the Recreation Activities Supervisor.
   (G)   Under no circumstances may chairs, tables, or any other equipment be removed from the center building or grounds by groups or individuals other than city departments.
   (H)   The organization or person holding the permit is responsible for damages for any and all accidents or injuries to persons or property resulting from misuse of the building.
   (I)   Permits are not transferable.
   (J)   Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages within a recreation center is only allowed in conjunction with an approved facility rental application for space located within a designated recreation center. An additional application is required for the possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages in conjunction with such rental. All applications are subject to approval by the city’s law enforcement agency once the applicant meets all additional requirements for service of alcoholic beverages at a recreational center. All alcoholic beverages must be consumed on the rented premises.
(‘58 Code, § 33.34) (Ord. 75-65, passed 6-10-75; Am. Ord. 90-4, passed 10-3-89; Am. Ord. 2012-12, passed 11-22-11; Am. Ord. 2014-27, passed 2-25-14; Am. Ord. 2022-25, passed 2-8-22) Penalty, see § 10.99