§ 98.39 GROUP RATES.
   The City Manager, the Recreation Programs Administrator, Golf Course Manager or their designee shall have the authority to make special rates for parties of groups of golf players, Charitable, educational, and other similar organizations, persons, or groups may be relieved from the payment of fees for the use of golfing facilities upon a proper application and showing to the City Administration as to why the fees should be so waived.
(‘58 Code, § 33.25) (Ord. 67-23, passed 2-20-67; Am. Ord. 75-56, passed 5-20-75; Am. Ord. 97-20, passed 11-26-96; Am. Ord. 2012-12, passed 11-22-11; Am. Ord. 2013-33, passed 12- 11-12)