§ 98.11 REFUNDS.
   The annual membership fees for use of the municipal swimming pool and tennis courts as set forth in § 98.10 and Pompano Beach Golf Course as set forth in § 98.34 may be refunded on a pro rata basis upon the death or properly documented disability of a membership holder, provided the death occurs during the first six months of the membership year. There shall be no refund if the death occurs during the last six months of the membership year. The fees shall be refunded only upon written application with proof of death, i.e., obtaining death certificate, etc. by the next of kin or caretaker and proper documentation confirming such relationship. All refunds will be made payable to the deceased’s estate. Memberships are not refundable other than the occurrences as stated above. Memberships are transferrable within the same household.
(‘58 Code, § 33.16) (Ord. 72-51, passed 6-27-72; Am. Ord. 76-88, passed 8-10-76; Am. Ord. 77-34, passed 4-12-77; Am. Ord. 78-28, passed 1-31-78; Am. Ord. 2014-27, passed 2-25-14)