(A)   A ramp attendant may be provided at Alsdorf Boat Launching Park during periods of heavy usage when, in the determination of the City Manager, an attendant is reasonably necessary for the safety of the public in providing for the orderly use and security of the park facilities.
   (B)   Vessels may be tied to the public parallel dock for a maximum total of four hours per any 24-hour period and signage advising this time limitation shall be posted at various locations along said dock. It shall be unlawful for any vessel to remain tied to or otherwise docked at the public parallel dock in excess of the four-hour maximum time period, and the owner or operator of any vessel in violation of this division may be cited for the violation which shall constitute an infraction punishable by a fine of $250 for each occurrence. Vessels that become disabled and incapable of self-propulsion must furnish proof of same to law enforcement officers or city Parks and Recreation staff, and may remain at the public parallel dock for a maximum total of eight hours per any 24-hour period or be subject to the fine set forth above.
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