(A)   It shall be unlawful to park, store, or leave any vehicle of any kind, in an abandoned, wrecked, junked, discarded, or dismantled condition, whether attended or not, on public rights-of-way or other public or private property, or for the owner of such a vehicle to allow, permit, or suffer the vehicle to be left upon any privately-owned property, unless it is authorized in conjunction with the business operated on the property pursuant to the zoning laws of the city.
   (B)   Vehicles which have been partially dismantled, or do not have current valid license plates in or on the vehicle which can be viewed from outside the vehicle, or are not registered in the name of the person purporting to be the owner thereof, or are nonoperating, which shall include but not be limited to vehicles with one or more flat tires, or which have been left under circumstances as to cause the vehicle reasonably to appear to have been abandoned, wrecked, junked, discarded, or dismantled shall be presumed to be abandoned, wrecked, junked, discarded, or dismantled vehicles hereunder.
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