(A)   Diseased trees. Any palm tree on the list of host trees susceptible to the disease “lethal yellowing” set forth herein which is found to have more than one-fourth of its fronds yellowed is hereby declared to be a public nuisance, inasmuch as such a tree cannot be expected to respond to treatment and is likely to infect all surrounding palm trees. The following named palm trees are declared to be host trees susceptible to the disease “lethal yellowing.”
      (1)   Cocos nucifera 1. (coconut palm), all varieties, including Malayan dwarf.
      (2)   Veitchia merrillii (Christmas palm, Manila, or Adonidia).
      (3)   Pritchardia pacifica.
      (4)   Pritchardia thurstonii.
      (5)   Arikuryroba spp. (Arikury palm).
      (6)   Corypha spp. (talipot palm).
      (7)   Phoenix reclinata (Senegal date palm).
      (8)   Phoenix canariensis (Canary Island date).
      (9)   Phoenix dactylifera l. (date palm).
      (10)   Trachycarpus fortunei (windmill palm).
      (11)   Mascarena verschaffeltii (spindle palm).
      (12)   Caryota mitis Lour. (cluster fish-tail palm).
      (13)   Borassus flabellifer l. (Palmyra palm).
      (14)   Chrysalidocarpus cabadae (Cabada palm).
      (15)   Dictyosperma album (Bory) (hurricane or princess palm).
   (B)   The Code Enforcement Division is charged with enforcement of this section. Any employee of the Code Enforcement Division shall promptly effect the removal of any tree declared to be a nuisance by this section which is situated entirely on public property, or of parts that are liable to fall or are dangerous or an obstruction. He may enter upon private property at all reasonable hours for purposes of inspecting trees thereon, and may remove specimens required for purposes of analysis to determine whether or not the trees are diseased. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to prevent any employee of the Code Enforcement Division from entering on private property for purposes of carrying out his duties hereunder, or to interfere with any employee of the Code Enforcement Division.
('58 Code, § 17.1)
(Ord. 76-29, passed 3-2-76; Am. Ord. 83-59, passed 6-28-83; Am. Ord. 93-47, passed 5-25-93)
   Abatement of nuisance of diseased or dangerous trees, see § 96.28 (D)