(A)   A sanitary nuisance is hereby declared to be the commission of any act by an individual, organization, or corporation or by the keeping, maintaining, propagation, existence, or permission of anything by an individual, organization, or corporation by which the health or life of an individual or the health of lives of individuals may be threatened or impaired or by which or through which, directly or indirectly, disease may be caused.
('58 Code, § 19.01)
   (B)   The Broward County Health Department is hereby given authority to determine unsanitary conditions. It shall be unlawful for any person to interfere with, hinder, or abuse any agent, officer, or member of the Broward County Health Department or of any city department in exercising his authority pursuant to this section.
('58 Code, §§ 19.02 and 19.03) (Ord. 77-10, passed 1-4-77)
(Ord. 497, passed - - ) Penalty, see § 10.99