(A)   It shall be unlawful for any person or persons to bury, burn, or dispose of any garbage, trash, or similar material except by the use of a garbage disposal unit connected to the city sewerage system, or a septic tank, and in accordance with the provisions of this subchapter. However, the Chief of the Fire Department may, in his discretion, issue a permit for burning trash or similar material upon the following conditions.
      (1)   The applicant must file a request with the Fire Chief, in writing, prior to the time for which the burning permit is desired.
      (2)   The applicant must state a sound reason or show good cause why the trash or similar material must be burned instead of being hauled away.
      (3)   The applicant must permit an employee of the Fire Department designated by the Fire Chief to make an inspection of the premises to be used for the burning, if the Fire Chief so desires. The premises to be used must be on the property of the applicant and must not be within 25 feet of any building.
      (4)   The permit shall be granted only if the Fire Chief finds that the trash or similar material can be burned in safety, without the danger of causing harm or annoyance to the neighborhood, and upon an affirmative showing of good cause why the trash or similar material must be burned instead of being hauled away. The Fire Chief shall be the sole judge of good cause and safety in this regard.
   (B)   The granting of a permit shall carry the obligation on the part of the grantee to keep a sufficiently safe control of the fire and to be responsible for all damages therefrom, and that all resultant embers shall be extinguished and the hot ashes removed or wetted down at the close of the fire.
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