(A)   All receptacles and bags used for the storage and collection of any garbage, trash, or similar material must be of sufficient strength to contain materials, but cannot exceed weight restrictions, and all receptacles shall be maintained in good condition, and shall be provided with a tight-fitting cover sufficient to prevent flies, insects, or animals from gaining access to their contents, and prevent odors from escaping therefrom.
   (B)   All receptacles shall be subject to inspection and approval or condemnation by the inspectors of the Health and Sanitary Division. Grounds for condemnation shall be that the receptacles are unfit, unsafe, unsightly, or are kept and maintained in such a manner as to endanger the public health. The collection service will be stopped as to those receptacles which have been condemned on one or more of the foregoing grounds until adequate corrective measures are taken by the users.
(‘58 Code, § 17.07) (Ord. 609, passed; Am. Ord. 73-98, passed 9-28-73; Am. Ord. 2012-66, passed 9-11-12; Am. Ord. 2016-45, passed 2-23-16)