(A)   All regulations issued by the State Fire Marshal under authority of F.S. Chapter 633, shall be enforceable by the proper authorities of the city, and the city’s Fire Marshal, or designee, appointed by the Fire Chief. The city’s Fire Marshal is hereby authorized to perform within the city any duties that may be imposed upon by such law, or in accordance therewith, and to have such assistance, as needed, from other officials of the city in the discharge of such duties.
   (B)   The Fire Chief and the city’s Fire Marshal are authorized to enforce this chapter and all rules prescribed by the State Fire Marshal within their respective jurisdictions.
   (C)   The Fire Chief or his designee may order the immediate evacuation of any occupied building or structure or assembly area when such building, structure or assembly area is deemed hazardous due to fire hazard, obstruction to exits, overcrowding of the premises, or any other hazard or potential which presents immediate danger to the occupants. The premises, or any portion thereof, may not be reoccupied until it has been examined and deemed free of the hazard or potential danger, which caused the evacuation to be ordered. Persons refusing to obey either a verbal or written order of any of the fire-rescue services department officials named above shall be subject to immediate arrest, and said refusal shall constitute a violation of this code.
(Ord. 2012-09, passed 11-8-11)